Harvard University - Business Economics PhD Student


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Stanford University - Predoctoral Research Fellow

Economics Coursework:

  • Economics of Gender–Winter 2022 with Muriel Niederle and Alessandra Voena
  • Economics of Higher Education–Fall 2021 with Eric Bettinger
  • Machine Learning and Causal Inference–Spring 2021 with Susan Athey and Stefan Wager
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics II–Winter 2021 with Muriel Niederle
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics I–Fall 2020 with Doug Bernheim and Al Roth

MIT - B.S. in Computer Science, Data Science, and Economics

Minor in Mathematics


  • Phi Beta Kappa

Economics Coursework

  • Psychology and Economics–Spring 2020 with Frank Schilbach
  • International Trade–Fall 2020 with Arnaud Costinot
  • Research and Communication in Economics–Fall 2020 with David Atkin and Sara Ellison
  • Public Finance and Public Policy–Spring 2019 with Kristin Butcher
  • Economics of Incentives–Spring 2019 with Bengt Holmstrom and Robert Gibbons
  • Political Economy and Economic Development–Fall 2018 with Abhijit Banerjee and Ben Olken
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory–Fall 2018 with Robert Townsend
  • Econometrics–Spring 2018 with Josh Angrist

Mathematics Coursework

  • Real Analysis–Fall 2019 with Casey Rodriguez
  • Probability and Random Variables–Spring 2019 with Scott Sheffield

Computer Science Coursework

  • Automata, Computability, and Complexity Theory–Spring 2019 with Ryan Williams
  • Introduction to Algorithms–Fall 2018 with Zachary Abel
  • Introduction to Machine Learning–Spring 2018